From drop-ins and youth clubs, to outreach and detached work, 4YP provides safe places to be, positive things to do with someone that can be trusted. The 4YP Youth Team is ready to provide help and support… however the young person needs it.

In the last 12 months 4YP

‘named’ young people (up 28% from 2022)
have had...
contacts with young people (up 44% from 2022)
provided youth workers to...
Suffolk schools

Our mission

  • To respond with agility to the changing needs of young people as they occur
  • To ensure that young people are confident to transition to the next stages of their lives
  • To ensure that young people are enabled to thrive and fulfil their potential

What are the benefits of youth work?

Youth work adds value to the lives of all young people, helping them develop lasting skills and attributes, and can particularly affect the lives of young people who are vulnerable or disadvantaged, or are most challenged at school. It can help to build confidence, provide role models, improved life chances and give young people a sense of belonging.

What youth work does 4YP offer?

The 4YP youth work service aims to provide somewhere safe to go, something positive to do and someone trusted to be with, for as many young people as possible.

Youth clubs

4YP’s youth clubs are based within the community – this can often be at a school or a community hub – and deliver planned activities each week.

Sessions are led and monitored by two experienced 4YP youth workers and young people are active partners in making decisions, planning programmes and setting priorities.

We are currently operating these weekly clubs:
Rushmere Youth Club – Rushmere Baptist Church, Ipswich
Kesgrave Hangout – Millennium Hall, Kesgrave


When is my next club?


4YP is committed to interacting with young people wherever they are. By going to places where young people spend time, 4YP detached youth workers build an understanding of the issues that young people are facing and help to create safer places in the areas where young people hang out.

We are currently providing detached youth workers in these areas:

IP2, Chantry, Ipswich
IP3, Gainsborough, Ipswich
IP5, Kesgrave, Ipswich

When are 4YP next in my community?


One-to-one youth work focuses on the young person’s needs, helping them address any current concerns and enable them to make informed decisions. One-to-one sessions are often just giving a young person the time and space to sit and talk and can take place either on an ad hoc or planned basis.

4YP drop-in centre

The 4YP Hub is situated in Ipswich town centre, and has an open-door policy. We hold a regular drop-in session on Tuesdays 12pm-2.30pm and young people are welcome to use any of our facilities. Youth workers are available to offer advice and support and signpost to other services if required.

How to find us


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