Volunteering Placements

4YP offers volunteering placements available in all areas of the Project ranging from youth work to fundraising. We also regularly welcome work experience placements and participants in other work schemes.

We invite anyone interested in volunteering with us to visit 4YP for an informal tour and friendly chat. We also ask that you complete our short ‘Application for Volunteering’ form, which helps us find you a role that suits your interests.

Download the ‘Application for Volunteering’ form¬†and send or drop it into 4YP at:

14 Lower Brook Street



For more information, please contact us on 01473 252607 or by email.

Experience of Volunteering

What’s it like to volunteer with 4YP? Here is a personal reflection by a volunteer who supported some of our evening groups and activities.

“I began volunteering at 4YP in the early days of September 2015, and I can say that my experience has been rather pleasant to say the least. I have been warmly welcomed by staff and young people alike.

“4YP seems to be more of a family than a set of colleagues and young people, as the environment to volunteer in is relaxed, friendly and everyone is completely supportive of one another.

“The majority of my volunteer work takes place on a Wednesday evening, during the ‘Walk ‘n’ Talk’ group, a group where young people can come along to chill out in a safe and friendly environment, and partake in various activities that are all geared around healthy-eating and staying active.

“From volunteering with the ‘Walk n’ Talk’ group I have come to view my work as very rewarding, on a personal level, knowing that even when I help or support one young person, with whatever is on their mind, they leave the group feeling better than they did earlier that day; even being around for a chat with a young person seems to make a world of difference.

“In addition, my experience as a volunteer has also assisted me when deciding my chosen career path, and I have had the opportunity to pick up invaluable experience and learn and develop essential skills that are sure to help me on my way.”