MAKE architects: the story so far

July 31, 2023

Young people from 4YP were given an incredible opportunity to work alongside MAKE architects to design the perfect and ideal youth hub space. MAKE have been responsible for designing some of the world’s most renowned buildings, including the Gherkin Tower in the City of London, so to have them advising 4YP has been a real honour.

Initially a team of top architects visited 4YP’s Ipswich hub to meet with some of the young people and to explore what sort of safe places they might want as their physical environment. This session was followed up with a trip to MAKE’s HQ in London where youngsters were able to create and develop their own ideas and got to use virtual reality software to envision their ideas as well as create models and try out other creative processes. The ages of YP on the trip ranged from children to young adults and has proved to be an incredible and empowering project. It has been great to see young people get involved and to learn about innovative technologies and architecture, potentially even opening doors for them in the future.

Our next step is to have another session with MAKE to be able to see the results of what the young people created and find out how the MAKE architects would turn this into a reality! See a video of our London trip here!