4YP gets stamp of approval from local youth team

November 6, 2023

This weekend the Kesgrave Kestrels U12s will be sporting their brand new away shirts but instead of a corporate sponsor, they are emblazoned with the logo of young person’s charity, 4YP. In a magnanimous gesture, the players and their families chose to crowdfund for the costs of the shirts and, by sporting the charity’s logo, help raise awareness for 4YP.

4YP has been instrumental in supporting young people in the Kesgrave area through a range of services and programmes, including weekly youth clubs and ‘on the ground’ youth work support. It is hoped that the bold move to sport 4YP’s logo on their shirts will help to raise awareness and give a voice to young people who may be facing challenges in their lives.

Chris Price is the manager of Kesgrave Kestrels U12s, but his day job is a mental health nurse, so he knows only too well the true value of 4YP’s youth and counselling work in the local community:

“We all want the best for our young people, and we know how grassroots football can positively impact the physical and mental wellbeing of children. It seemed like a ‘no brainer’ that we should partner with an organisation like 4YP who have had, and continue to have, such a positive impact on the lives of young people,” Chris told us.

“It’s increasingly difficult trying to find a sponsor for a grassroots football team so our kits have been funded through parental contributions and our own fundraising efforts. We felt it was a great opportunity for us to promote a local charity and ‘give back’ to our local community. We are really proud to have been able to put the 4YP logo on our shirts – the girls are absolutely delighted with their new kits! We hope it helps to spread the word and make even more people aware of who 4YP are and the fantastic support they provide.”

4YP CEO, Gavin Stone commented: “Having been a grassroots football coach myself, and the parent of a budding young footballer, I understand the connection and benefit between sport and improved mental health. Kesgrave Kestrels U12s Blue team making a powerful statement both on and off the field with their new away shirts pays testament to the importance of that connection. It’s a remarkable gesture of unity and community spirit, and we’re grateful these young athletes have chosen to champion the cause of 4YP by having our logo on their shirts.”

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