Thank you to everyone who has taken part in our online polls, both on our website and Twitter. On this page, you will see our findings. Look out for more polls coming soon.

December 2017:

When the NCS staff team offered to help us out for International Volunteer Day on 05 December, we knew exactly what they could get their teeth into. Painting a counselling room. So, we took to Twitter and an online survey to find out what colour young people wanted.

Volunteers have offered to paint 4YP’s counselling rooms. What colour would you like them to be? Pls vote or comment with other colour choices.— 4YP (@4_yp) November 21, 2017

42% of young people via Twitter, and 55% via the online survey (of 21 answers) meant the choice was overwhelming. Counsellors agreed, blue is a great theraputic colour. The NCS team did a great job redecorating the room a rich, soothing blue.

April 2017:

With Prime Minister Theresa May announcing a snap election for 08 June, we asked whether you agree with calls from The Green Party that the age of voting should be reduced to 16.

Eight out of ten people think the change should go ahead.

Vote Poll Results

March 2017: The BBC reported a call for manufacturers to cut sugar in pany products, including cake and biscuits, by 20% by 2020 (read the article here). We asked if you think this will make a difference. Four in five of responses thought it would help us to be healthy. We were also pelased to see that no one thought it wouldn’t have any affect… or that you’d just add more sugar to make up for the reduction.

2017-03 Sugar Survey

March 2017: We are interested in what promotional items you’d like to see from 4YP, if we were able to offer any. The idea with these is to make more people aware of 4YP, our services, and how to get in contact. They would most likely feature our logo.

You were welcome to make suggestions, but out of the list we offered, the results were:

  • Wristbands, 5 votes
  • USB sticks, 3 votes
  • Cotton/tote bags, 1 vote
  • Stress balls, 3 votes
  • Torch keyring, 1 vote

So, wristbands are still the most popular item. We received no suggestions for any other items.